5 Best Apps for Photography

Photography is vast concept to learn and understand. Tons of people make it as a hobby while some even pursue it has their profession which is great. For the best possible shots, a DSLR camera and few of the high tech gears are very much essential to carry. However, your smartphones can also do a great help as there are certain non camera apps that could help you click better. Curated below is a list of best apps for photography that are reliable.

Bacon Camera

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Bacon Camera is one of the best apps for photography. The camera app features one of the best manual modes witnessed by anyone till date as it includes manual focus, exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and support for RAW and DNG export. Also, the app is equipped with various fancy stuffs like a live histogram.

Google Photos

Google Photos is another better app for the photographers to choose offering unlimited storage space for your photos. It uploads pictures in high resolution quality but not the maximum resolution. You can access to it through your phone and computer.

Hyperfocal Pro

Hyperfocal Pro is a unique style of photography app. No, the app isn’t about clicking and editing pictures instead it helps with the calculations. Through this app, you can monitor various things like the camera setting and the shooting conditions including the depth of the field, hyperfocal distance, field of view and angle of view. Also, the app features no ads and in-app purchases which is great to consider.

Magic ViewFinder Apps

Magic Viewfinder Apps permits you to detect locations and shooting spots without dragging all of your gears around with you. The app offers various  features that emulate Canon, Red, Lumix, Nikon and several others. You can make use of the featured focal length within the app and prepare for your shots before you begin the process of setting up all of your gears. The prices does vary but any of it wouldn’t really cost you more than a couple of dollars.


Snapseed is titled to be the best photo-editing app on Android. The app is equipped with both, simple as well as advanced tools which includes support for the RAW files, basic things like red eye removal and such more along with a compelling auto enhancement capability.

And here the list of best apps for photography ends. To know more about Photography, stay connected to us. Thank you.

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