What is Python?

Before we move to the companies that use Python and consider peculiar cases why they do so, we should start from the very beginning and learn some details about what is Python language (if you don’t need this basic knowledge — just scroll down to the main topic).

Companies that use Python

It’s time to consider what companies use Python and why.

1. Instagram

The company has recently moved to Python 3, and Instagram is just a great example of a gigantic tech company using Python language in combination with Django (Python’s framework).
In order you could understand the scale, we should mention that Instagram has about 400M of daily active users who share more than 95M photos and videos.
The main reasons for Instagram why choose Python served this language’s simplicity and popularity. In other words, this language is ‘friendly’ to engineers, which means they can focus on user-facing features while its popularity facilitates the searches of new developers, which are an extremely important factor for the rapidly growing company.

2. Spotify

Another tech giant Spotify also trusts Python and applies it in its back-end services, as well as for data analysis purposes. In more detail, the back-end of Spotify consists of a plethora of separate services that are connected by means of the messaging protocol developed in-house. Well, about 80% of these services are based on Python, while the remaining 20% on languages like Java (most part) and C or C++.

3. Amazon

The Amazon company is another big player that involved Python language in its product. Among all the technical solutions this company resorted to, we should pay your attention to the way Amazon built its features connected with suggestions (e.g., recommended deals).

4. SurveyMonkey

It’s one of the largest survey companies in the world that processes more than 1 million survey responses daily. At the very beginning, the company’s web app was monolithic and built on .NET along with C#. In general, there weren’t any issues with the smoothness of the system, but it was relatively slow in testing and deployment of new features.

5. Facebook

Of course, we couldn’t omit such a giant as Facebook that applies Python largely to process images. It’s quite obvious that this social network deals with a huge amount of data, including tons of images. The company decided to use Python as the core language for the back-end of their applications connected with image processing (e.g., image resizing).

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