Best 5 unique wedding ideas that you must add

Destination wedding or a simple wedding we always have a dream to have a complete royal and a fun wedding. A wedding is always incomplete without the beautiful decorations especially when it is a destination wedding. Being creative and a good imagination will surely enhance your wedding and make it grander at a low budget.

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Best 5 unique wedding ideas that you must add

An Enhanced Entrance

A destination wedding or any normal Indian wedding is always incomplete without dramatic fun entry. One of the best wedding ideas that is must is too have a grand entry that can be related to flower shower, smoke bombs, fireworks, a dance entry, a flower path and other such interesting entries which will look great.

Catering Ideas

Another best way to have a powerful amazing idea for wedding is by using some unique catering ideas as the wedding is always incomplete without the meal. One of the wonderful ideas that you can pick are revamping appetizers, desert shop, DIY counter, live counters, table decoration and many such which gives a different look at the wedding.

Wedding Decoration

Another type of unique wedding ideas that enhances a wedding is adding some decorations which is completely steal the show. A wedding is always incomplete without decorations so adding some is essential such as centerpieces, ceiling decorations, table decorations, adding a phot booth, wish trees, wedding lighting letter and many other such.

Create a Magnificent Mandap

Mandap is very important as it is that place where the main and the actual rituals that take place by the groom and the bride or can say this the time where they tie the knot to stay together for their whole life. decorating a mandap with flowers or drape of clothes, or a mix of it will just increase the level of wedding.

Wedding Sport Match

Another amazing idea to have a real fun in the wedding is by playing some fun sports games like football or cricket where the people from both the sides can participate and have a fun and healthy competitions. This can be the best way to get your guest close and have some fun.

These are the top 5 unique wedding ideas that you must add in for your celebrations for a beautiful and a memorable wedding. We hope you have liked this article and got the info you have been searching for.

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