Best Early Pregnancy Foods

Pregnancy is the phase when you feel happy as a new life is creating inside you, but it also brings the concern of the baby. Especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy, so many changes occur in the body as the hormones start changing, new hormones start to secrete during this pregnancy and this brings a lot of changes in the woman’s body. In early pregnancy, the organ formation of the baby happens which lasts upto 12 weeks and we call this process as organogenesis. This phase is extremely important and you should have a proper healthy diet full of proteins, iron and calcium. In this article, we will see the best early pregnancy foods which every mother should have.

  1. Dairy products:

In early pregnancy, the body needs more proteins and calcium as the organs of the baby form in this phase. Dairy products such as curd, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc are rich sources of calcium and proteins which you should include in your daily diet. Varieties of probiotic bacteria are present in  curd and yogurt which helps in proper digestion as some women face bloating and gas issues during early pregnancy. Dairy products are also rich in potassium, Vitamin A and zinc.

  1. Legumes:

In pregnancy, for the proper growth of the baby and to avoid the birth defects, folic acid is extremely necessary. Legumes and pulses are good sources of proteins and folic acid which should be included in daily diet. Apart from that, calcium, iron and fibre is also present in these foods. Doctors say that at least 600 mcg of folate is necessary for pregnant women on a daily basis and therefore, sometimes, you need to take folic acid supplements to fulfill the requirements.

  1. Sweet potatoes:
    It is one of the best early pregnancy foods which you should eat if you are pregnant. Vitamin A is highly needed in pregnancy to maintain the blood cells volume. Beta carotene is the compound which is present in sweet potatoes and it can be converted into Vitamin A inside the body. It is also rich in fibre and maintains the sugar level in the blood.
  2. Eggs:

A large egg is rich in proteins, healthy fats and many essential vitamins and minerals which are required in pregnancy. Choline is a nutrient which helps in the proper brain development of the baby and eggs are the rich source of this nutrient.

These are some best early pregnancy food which every expecting mother should include in her diet on daily basis.

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