Best Website Analysis Tools For Every Blogger

In your perspective, your web design may be very appropriate, but in reality, only a good analytics tool can say how efficient your website is. Website analysis tools are very vital to check the health of your website, spot the problem areas, and take the cure/measures accordingly. Following are few highly efficient analytics tools that you can use to evaluate your site:

  1. Alexa: It offers free tools and boasts of a powerful range of functions. It gives rank on the basis of traffic and keywords. But, the most notable offering of Alexa is a reputation score that measures the overall influence of your site throughout the web by simply keeping track of a number of sites linked to your website. It ranks all the sites listed on Alexa on the basis of a few pre-determined parameters. For deep and detailed analysis, you can purchase their AlexaPro Packages.
  2. Woorank: The number of statistical data this analytic tool gives is unmatchable. A very user-friendly tool with a gorgeous interface. It showcases the compatibility of your site with mobile devices, which is a useful additional bonus. The rating is displayed on top of the stats page that captures essential site elements important for web popularity.
  3. Kissinsights: This tool follows a very different approach for site analysis and uses feedback from users as the main determinant. Questions are designed in a way that takes just a few minutes to respond so that your users don’t find it to be trouble. A free version of this tool is also available, but the services are restricted in the free version. What can be better than getting direct feedback from your customers?
  4. Google Analytics: Obviously, the most popularly used tool is Google Analytics. It can be very useful when used with the full package of Google Software. Especially for WordPress supported sites, this is an amazing tool.

All these tools are capable of showing you the demographics, traffic, keywords’ strength, and more valuable information that a website owner must know.

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