Best Website Building Tools for Beginners

While all kinds of businesses are trying to use the web for growth and spreading awareness, they find it difficult to build a website. They do not want to shell out money for hiring professionals who can do it for them. It does not mean they cannot have a website. In fact, they can. There are a number of online tools that allow you to build a website in a few minutes. They have a set of features that help you to build a website very easily.

In addition, these tools do not need you to know tricky languages such as HTML, HTML5, or Java. Even a layman can build a website using these online platforms.

IM Creator

The first in our list is IM Creator. This is an effective tool that allows you to build a website in a very short time. IM Creator uses HTML5 technology, which enables your website to run video content without the need for Flash. IM Creator came to the market in 2011. It includes several templates allowing users to create multiple categories and sections on a website. You can build a website for your retail business, academics, medicine or sports, etc. It gives you all kinds of templates, off-the-shelf.  Above all, this is a free website building tool.


Squarespace is another website building tool that allows you to build a website as per your choice. But it comes with a price and gives you access for free for a limited period. This is also an HTML5 website builder, which lets you create a website in minutes. This also includes multiple designs for various industries and verticals.

PrestaShopPrestaShop is a tool started by a French startup and is aimed at eCommerce companies. If you are an eCommerce company or planning to start one, this tool is best for you.  PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce website builder that includes a host of pre-built features. Its default theme is really impressive and can be customized for your eCommerce needs.


Wix is yet another website building tool that has a few stunning features. Earlier it was based on Flash but now has moved to an HTML5-based builder. You can use this tool to create a website for any kind of business. It is a paid tool but allows you to use limited tools for free. Bloggers use this tool more often than not.


Designly has been designed to build websites in just a few minutes. And this tool succeeds in its purpose when its users find website building really easy. It is as easy as clicking the mouse, dragging, and adding the text and images without doing any code creation.


Strikingly is a tool that gives users direct visibility on search engines. Your website built with this tool makes you appear in search engines more easily. Like other tools, this is also an HTML website building tool. Its templates are different and eye-catching. Plus, you get a true insight into the website performance with an analytics tool that comes with it.

Easy WebContent

Easy WebContent is more or less like the website building platforms discussed above. It is also an HTML5 platform. This tool lets you build a website in different styles. Its templates are compatible with all form factors. They are easily visible on the tablet, PC, and mobile phones. The looks of the websites built with this tool appear seamless on all web-browsers. In addition, Easy WebContent allows you to beautify your website with easy features. You can add high-resolution images, sound clips, and graphics, and HD videos.


Have you thought of trying a platform first and then using it full time? Perhaps Weebly is the best tool for you. You can use your own domain name or continue to use a Weebly sub-domain. This platform stores hundreds of templates who want their own website. You don’t need a designer to create a stunning website.


There is no dearth of good website building tools. Cabanova is also an HTML5 website builder. It offers a diverse range of templates that are compatible with all mobile platforms – PC, tablet, smartphone.


Sitecube boasts that it is the world’s simplest HTML5 website builder. Its USP is its high-quality website templates. In addition, it gives all features that help users create websites for their respective industries such as retail, pharma, healthcare, manufacturing, or eCommerce.

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