Best Wedding Destination In India

Destination Wedding is probably a new thing in India but for your close friends and family members and many more people, it’s just a way to enjoy the special ceremony away. Happily, India is a mix of some exotic and stunning places that can embellish with beauty and breathtaking magnificence the most memorable occasion of a person’s life. Perhaps this is why Destination Wedding has become so popular and sought-after in India.

Best Wedding Destination In India:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

What this Indian wedding destination brings about is the promise of entering a new world, away from the mainland, among white sandy beaches, probably in an incredible private resort. It is no less than a tropical paradise that lies in the Bay of Bengal, with idyllic beaches and lush green forests. The Havelock or the Ross Islands are among the Andaman’s paramount islands for the ideal day of one.


Rajasthan isn’t short of those enchanting wedding destinations. Citizens are flying all the way to Jodhpur to get married in the magnificent palace hotel known as Umaid Bhavan on the top of the hill with a stunning view over the ‘blue city.’ A part of this grand palace is now owned by the royal family where several lavish weddings have materialized.


Goa is probably India’s most popular and prevalent destination wedding as it can give you the chance to arrange different kinds of weddings or ceremonies taking in the beach parties happening and the old churches’ quiet ceremonial rituals.


This beautiful location, due to the lakes and palaces that exist across the expanse of the region, is admired by Indians and foreigners alike. Udaipur’s magnificent Palace buildings give it a kind of charm that only a few cities can compete with. We tell weddings to seem like an amazing fairy-tale in Udaipur. The Jag Mandir palace or the Oberoi- Udai Vilas gives one of the finest settings for a marriage ceremony with a touch of splendor, affluence, and royalty.

Neemrana Fort:

This ancient fort near Delhi is ideal for a photoshoot due to its majestic and beautiful architecture, and the shock-and-awe effect of which many places don’t boast. Over the years, as a weekend getaway from Delhi, the Neemrana Fort Palace has become very popular in bringing about a lavish and wonderful nuptial ceremony and providing the bride and groom with some cherished moments.


Jaipur offers a mixture of heritage and elegance and is therefore so popular for grandiose wedding celebrations that typically take place in authentic flamboyant palaces or former mansions. The ‘pink zone’ presents a wide range of festive ideas and location choices ranging from palaces such as the Raj and Rambagh Palace to Havelis or traditional settings in the Samode Palace built into the Aravali Ranges.

We hope that the provided information would be of help to you. And apart from these locations, there are quite a lot of other locations as well.

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