Cheapest Way To Host Website

First, we need to understand what hosting is? Hosting means making the website accessible on the internet through the use of technologies and services. There are free hosting platforms also, but you are not able to get your own domain there.

To get your own domain, you need to pay, but then everything will be done by a web hosting company, and by the use of technology and services, they make your website available on the internet to be viewed. However, there are some cheapest ways to host websites, which we will discuss in this article.

  1. Bluehost:

Currently, it is working on 2 million websites to host. It is very popular and recommended to use as it is totally inexpensive. It is widely used by webmasters and bloggers. Bluehost has better uptime than others, and the average speed is too fast, actually. It has been ranked as number 1 because of its reliable and excellent performance, and it has 24×7 live chat support for the customers. For a 36 months plan, you need to pay 2.75$ per month, and for a plan of fewer than 12 months, you need to pay 4.95$.

  1. Hostinger:

It is the cheapest web hosting company and still provides the best services to their customers. In the last 23 months, they maintained the uptime of 99.95%. They provide fast and reliable services and have 24×7 customer support with impressive features. The cheapest plan is of 0.99$ per month, which is the best among all with all the best features.

  1. Dreamhost:

The next cheapest way to host a website is Dreamhost, which is famous among all because of their 97 days money-back guarantee when standard time is 30 days. They are so confident about their work that you do need to worry if you choose Dreamhost to host your website. In the last 24 months, their uptime has been 99.94$, and they provide free Email accounts also. You can buy their cheapest plan at 2.59$ per month.

  1. Hostgator:

It has been in the industry for 19 years and hosts 10+ million websites. It is the biggest and most popular web hosting company. Its uptime in the last 24 months is 99.99%, but it has a very low speed. However, this is the most reliable web hosting company. For a 36 month plan, you need to pay 2.75$ per month. 

So this is a list of some cheapest ways to host websites. Compare all the points of each web hosting company and choose as per suitability.

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