Corona Pandemic

The unfortunate coronavirus outbreak has been termed as pandemic and one of the serious viruses that has hit the entire world. WHO have been constantly trying to protect the world and of course warn all the people around the globe about the symptoms and complications caused by this disease. Coronavirus has caused alarming levels of increase and spread across the world. Many parts of the world have been practising strict throughout the respective countries in order to break the chain.

Now why is it called a severe pandemic? Coronavirus is for sure highly infectious and highly contagious and can spread easily among the people. It is totally able to infect people and can easily spread from person to person.

The worst part about this disease is that no vaccine or cure has been discovered yet in order to prevent it and curb its spread. As safety measures and certain precautions against this pandemic, WHO has requested all the counties to activate and scale up all the emergency response mechanisms. It is important that the leaders should communicate the risks involved and precaution measures to their respective country residents.

Social distancing has been the best precaution measure and step adapted by the world in order to break the chain and reduce the count of affected people in the world. The scale of deaths happening across the globe has been escalating day by day and it has become necessary to test, treat, isolate the affected as well as trace their contacts.

There is no specific age group who are the only victims of COVID-19. This virus can infect even a newly born baby, an infant, a child and even adults. It is very necessary to take care of yourself during this bad time of pandemic and also follow the given instructions and order from the officials.

The older adults who have severe medical conditions like some heart diseases or lung disease and even diabetic patients are at a higher risk for developing this deadly infection. For protecting yourself from this, you should know how it spreads.

Follow all the rules and prevention measure set up by your respective government. It is necessary we all stand united during this bad time so that we can fight this and gain victory over this pandemic.


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