European smoked sausages are the best!

The European smoked sausages are world famous for its delicious taste. They are also known as dog sausages. Many people prefer having it from the best hot dog stands in New York. Invented by a butcher from Frankfurt, the sausage was further named after his name and it was also known as Frankfurter. When the frankfurter is stuffed in hot bun, it is also known as hot dog. The best one out of the smoked European sausages is the Coney Island hot dog.

This is covered with meat and onion which has been a best seller and highly recommended among people. This can be consumed either by dipping in mustard or ketchup. Next is the Grillwurst which is served with a soft baguette. This is generally paired with the Austrian beer which adds to the entire taste.

It has set a benchmark in the world of sausages with its unique taste. Third comes the Wurstelstand Leo which is chopped into small bit chunks and it consists of cheesy flakes which adds a soft touch to the sausage. You can have it with the side dish like potato crisps, gherkins and simple salad. It’s served around in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York.

And the last one in the sausage family is the Wiener Wurstl which is damn serious about the sausages which can be served as Austrian lunch and also beer and wine can be served with it. These sausages are extremely delicious and healthy too. The way these are presented is even more amazing.

These European smoked sausages are the best in the world. But when you consider their size, it’s long and thin unlike the European hot dogs. These sausages can be eaten warm or cold. The only caution you have to take is that you are not supposed to store it in the open metal can. If it is stored properly, it is good to go.

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