Fashion Photography

One of the most popular and stylish genre of the world of photography is fashion photography. This is a very competitive field and plus it is also preferred by young generation. It absolutely gives you with an edge to understand everything about the field as well as impress the world with your capabilities and talent. The world of fashion photography is developing and people are experimenting a lot. They are adapting to new styles, fashion and setting a statement in the society.

Just like how there are different genres in the field of photography, likewise there are also categories in fashion photography. In case if you aspire to become a fashion photographer, it is necessary that you should know about the types in fashion photography.

There are some types in fashion photography. They are Catalog photography and High Fashion. Catalog Photography is also referred to as product photography. But in case of catalog photography the only difference is that there is the presence of a model. The main focus remains on the clothes of the model. The background is usually preferred to be off white or plain grey. The model is styled up with great fashionable outfits and there will be few props which will be needed too. The model is supposed to strike various poses accordingly and show off the features.

High Fashion is something which is very exotic and the photos which you see on the cover of some reputed magazines. This is quite challenging for new models but who have been in this field and who have been cover models, know the technique to impress the eyes. Getting a flawless image for the cover is very necessary and the model should look very appealing and glamorous. The mood of the shoot should be decided initially and you can be inspired by various high rated fashion shoots or models.

Fashion photography is quite challenging at times. The model you select for the shoot should be suitable for the mood of your shoot. It can be very complicated at times but for sure it can be rewarding as well.

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