How Hashtag works on Instagram

Using a hashtag is a popular way to get more engagement on your post or to make it more famous. A post with at least one hashtag has chances of up to 12% to get more engagement than the post without a hashtag. To get the post targeted easily and by more people, relevant hashtags are necessary to put on the post. But one thing to remember that if your account is private, then the post cannot be seen by others. Now let us see how a hashtag works on Instagram and what to do for that.

  1. No irrelevant hashtags:

Using irrelevant hashtags means to spam around simply. When people see the post, they will get irritated and tell Instagram through the option not to show the posts related to that particular Hashtag. The Hashtag should be in proper manner and accurately to gain the benefit, else no use of using hashtags.

  1. Use specific hashtags in right amount:

Now here two things should keep in mind: First, there should be a proper niche for the post, and second, there should be the right number of hashtags should be in the post to make it targeted easily.

Using specific categories makes the post more clear, and it will target more audience. Also, the right amount should be there. Generally, nine hashtags are good for the post, but it does not mean that for every post, you need to use nine hashtags. Hashtags should be relevant, as well.

  1. Save hashtags for future use:

If there are some hashtags that you often use, then you should save them in your notes. But you need to be careful here. Before putting hashtags on the post, always check whether it is relevant to the post as every Hashtag is not meant for every post. So use them wisely. To save the hashtags, open the notepad and save them for later use. This is how Hashtag works on Instagram.

  1. Add a hashtag to the already published post:

If you want to add some hashtags to the already published post, then just click on the three dots on the right upper corner and click on the option Edit. this way, you can add the hashtags later after publishing the post also.

  1. Consider using the brand hashtag:

Using some popular hashtag related to your company name or any brand can be beneficial to you to promote the company or brand. This way, you can attract more people to your post.

So these are some steps for how Hashtag works on Instagram. Be updated with the latest trends on social media.

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