How to cast iPhone to TV

The iPhone gives you a great experience of watching movies, playing games, listening to music, etc. This experience can be best if you can watch the same content on the big screen as well and the way to do it is to cast your iPhone to TV or to mirror the phone to the TV. If you want to watch pictures of your vacations, then you can enjoy it on the big screen for better experience and for that you do not need to copy the content to the laptop or USB, just cast your phone to the TV and enjoy the big screen pictures. Now how to cast iPhone to TV, so let us discuss in detail.

1. ApowerMirror:
If you do not want to use Apple TV then this is the best and easy option to cast your phone to TV. You can mirror your pictures, games, music, photos, videos, etc easily with the help of ApowerMirror. Infcat, it provides a lot of options like screen recording, taking screenshots, etc. Now what you need to is:
1. You need to download and install the ApowerMirror app in your phone and TV both.
2. Next important step is that both phone and TV should be connected to the same wireless network.
3. Now in your iPhone scroll open and control center will be opened. In that, tap on the screen mirroring option and select the ApowerMirror with your PC name on it.
4. And you will find that both TV and phone are connected now.

2. LetsView:
This is the free service for how to cast iPhone to TV. This app can be used for different platforms like iOS, android, Windows, Mac, Android TV, Apple TV, etc. With this app you have unlimited options and you do not need separate apps and softwares. There is a Miracast option present in this app which makes the device compatible to connect to the Miracast TV. Without Apple TV, how to connect iPhone to TV, let’s check out.
1. First download and install the app on your TV and phone.
2. Make sure both TV and phone should be connected to the same WiFi connection. Then, launch the app.
3. On your phone you need to enter the pincode or scan the code displaying on the TV screen and select the screen mirroring to connect both the devices and mirroring will be started.
So this is how to connect iPhone to TV for a better watching experience.

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