Met Gala 2020

Considered as the world’s biggest fashion night out, Met Gala has been the most appreciated, lavish and fashionable event carried out every year. This event welcomes all the big stars, young creative and also industry paragons. There have been various big moments, extensively iconic looks and Met Gala rates you on how unique style you can wear.

2020 Met Gala has been postponed due to the corona pandemic. It will be raising funds for the benefit of the world and help the people who have suffered because of the pandemic. The Met Gala is also known as Costume Institute Gala formally and is also known as Met Ball. It is apparently a fashion exhibit where various stars come along and showcase their talent and style through their exquisite style and dress.

Every year the theme depends on that year’s costume institute exhibition and that exhibition will set the tone for the formal dress of that night. It is necessary that the stars should dress according to the theme decided. They should choose their fashion which may match the theme of the exhibit.

Every year the theme is different and it also includes a cocktail hour and also a formal lavish dinner. When the cocktail hour is on the roll, the guests are supposed to walk on the red carpet and pose for the cameramen around. The dinner party includes entertainment from various entertainers across the world. Sometimes the theme might be really easy while sometimes the theme might be far more challenging just as it was during Met Gala 2014.

There have been many controversies that have had surrounded the event in all these years. It is necessary that the stars should choose the best designer for them in order to wear good and also look the best throughout the event.

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