PUBG game

PUBG game has apparently become a global news now. This mobile game has actually caught attention worldwide and there are many youngsters who have not failed in installing the game on their smartphones and have been playing with their friends. But why is everyone talking about this Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds? It is because the world online has exploded into battle madness and tis game has almost beaten Fortnite and PlayStation.

PUBG game is published by Tencent games and is available on both android and IOS. Earlier in 2018, it was undergoing a phase roll out in early 2018, but then it has become a global roll out now and is available in UK and in all android phones. The android version PUBG can be easily found in Google Play while the IOS version PUBG can be easily found on the Apple store.

PUBG is a persistent game and it needs internet connection in order to play it till you lose. When you consider its technical aspects, for android it is played in Android 5.1 version and needs at least 2GB RAM. When you consider the IPhone version, it can be played only on IOS 9.0 version and can be played well on IPads.

The game is not as complex as you think. Before you play, it is necessary that you know the basics of the game so that you can play it well and won’t lose. In this game, you would be required to collect weapons and equipment in order to play strong. There are 100 players in this with 8*8 km island. You can play on three modes which are solo, duo and as a squad. Here you can team up with three or four other players. There are several missions in the game which you need to accomplish in order to strive till the end.

As a part of disadvantage, occasional game freezes can be experienced while you are playing the game. This is a server problem and when the internet is too slow. It stays for 3 seconds. But then apart from that, the game runs too smoothly and won’t fail to entertain you.

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