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Their hosting plans start out with really cheap discounts. They have several deals – each of which functions like a SiteGround coupon code – only you don’t need to activate any of them. They’ve applied automatically to the first year of your subscription period. After that, the renewal price is the full undiscounted amount.

Pricing Of SG

SiteGround is one of the most reputed and popular web hosting companies. They have different hosting plans, and these plans provide the best of features to their customers. SiteGrounds’ most astonishing plan is their StartUP plan; they provide a huge array of features, and that too a just a minimal price of $3.95/mo.

You are talking about the features that one can avail of in the StartUp plan. Well, they are providing you with Free WordPress Installations, and that too comes with auto-updates. Along with that, you will also receive Free SSL, Free CDN, Free Email, and along with that, you will also get Daily Backups. Apart from all the free stud, you will also be receiving 1 Website and 10GB of webspace, and all these are 100% renewable energy match.

Moving on from that to the next best plan, they have, and that is the GrowBig Web hosting plan, which is available at $5.95/mo. This plan is generally recommended for businesses/people who have been in business for some time, but still, anyone can choose this. Well, this has all that is available with the StartUp plan, and along with that, one will also receive Dynamic caching, on-demand backup copies, and free professional site transfer.

The best plan available with SiteGround is the GoGeek plan. Well, it has everything that the other plans can provide you, and an extra, it comes with the highest tier of resources and priority support. And all these are available at just $11.95/mo.

Performance & Customer Assistance:


Uptime is one of the most important factors when it comes to the performance of a website. If you have good uptime, then only you will be receiving visitors on a regular basis.

SiteGround promises that they provide 99.99% uptime, and this is what they exactly deliver. A study of the site was conducted for about two years, and it was found that most of the months provided the users with 100% uptime, and the lowest to be recorded was just 99.92%. Well, this is also one of the major reasons as to why SiteGround is so reliable.

Loading Speed:

According to research conducted by Google, it was confirmed that more than 50% of users just skip away from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Well, you can try all you want, but there are only a handful of things that you can do. Most of it depends on the hosting provider.

The average load time of SiteGround is 643ms. This might not be the fastest, but it way better than the most hosting provider. This also places SiteGround in the top 7 web hosting providers when it comes to loading speed.

Customer Assistance:

Customer support is a very big issue when it comes to choosing web hosting providers. But with SiteGround, you won’t have any such issues as they have some of the best customer support executives working around the clock to make sure that the user gets the best possible care.

If you face any issues, you can just contact them by live chat, and it is available 24/7. The response time is quite fast as well, and you can expect a reply back within a minute. Or else you can also contact them by just calling them. Either way, you would get the best possible support.

SiteGround Review – Plan Structure

Compared to other hosting provider’s SiteGround’s hosting plans are simplicity itself. They don’t confuse you with a ton of options and confusing names. For their shared and WordPress hosting, they have just three tiers:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek

They use the same plan structure over and over. In fact, there is no SiteGround VPS server plan! Instead, the link you see to VPS servers in the table points you to the GoGeek plan, which is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits.

I’ve often called SiteGround the “Apple” of hosting providers. Their choices are limited but solid. If you want more options and more choices, then I suggest InMotion hosting. You can read my comparison of SiteGround vs. InMotion here.

Any more than that, and you’ll need a dedicated server. It’s actually a managed VPS solution that they call “Semi-dedicated hosting.” It indicates that the GoGeek plan will provide you with the same performance of a VPS. Quite a boast!

This SiteGround hosting review will show off some of the features available to not just the GoGeek plan, but others as well.

Features of SiteGround:

Free Automatic Daily Backup:

The daily backup feature available with SiteGround is integrated into its system. Each site on the hosting has an individual backup system, and it is quite easy to restore them as well. Just a few clicks and the restoration would be all done. There are options for on-demand backups and restoration as well, but these are only available with the GrowBig and GoGeek plans, but they are free of cost.

Customized Hosting Solutions:

SiteGround has made a name on its own as one of the best web hosting providers. There are several reasons behind that, and this one of the major reasons. Over the years, they have developed custom software solutions that are innovative on their own. The solutions have helped the customers in a lot of ways and thus have slowly made them a popular web host in the world.

Control Panel:

The control panel provided by SiteGround is named as cPanel. Be it an experienced person or a newbie. It will be quite easy for everyone to go around this cPanel. The reason is that it has a user-friendly interface. There are other hosting providers too who provide control panel, but those are deemed to be quite complicated to use. SiteGround provides a cPanel for nearly most of its hosting plans.

Site Backup and Server Security:

The system that has been installed by SiteGround can easily fix any issues immediately and can also check for problems that may occur later. If they happen to find such kind of an issue, they will proactively take care of it. This is quite different from other web hosting providers. They also scan for viruses and malware continuously, and if they happen to land on something, they block it immediately.



SiteGround is an exceptional web hosting provider, but like everyone else, they do have their ups and downs. Like they provide free daily backups, but on the other hand, they don’t provide their users with advertising credits. Again, if you are opting for a windows option, then you won’t be able to use their servers as they only have a Linux-based server.

But then again, they provide you the option of scaling their services to meet your needs. So, overall, they are a reliable web host and trust me, you won’t have any regrets. My recommendation would be that you go for it, and if you don’t like it, it then you can always change as they have this moneyback guarantee.

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