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In this corporate world with the most influential people in the world, Bill Gates who was born of 28th of October in the year 1955 in Seattle of Washington. He is and has always been one of the most inspiring personalities who has worked so hard and is completely filled with success. The success story of bill gates is so inspiring that everyone must know about. He is an entrepreneur, programmer, investor, a philanthropist and also a cofounder of Microsoft. It is not like he was born in wealthy rich family and had everything setup for him where his father was an attorney and his mother was a school teacher.

Bill Gates - Failure to Success - Key Notes -

Bill Gates has always been a bright student and he was 13 years when he first developed a interest for computers. Later on, he took admission in a private school where he met Paul Allen and then at the age of 15, they build their first software of their life and sold it for $20,000. Later he also developed another software for which he earned around $30,000 and this is how the success story of bill gates started.

In the year of 1975, Bill gates and Paul Allen founded and software company which they named as MICROSOFT where they first started with small software products and was delivered to many different firms. After some point of time they realized there are dropping to the lowest point and have stepped into financial crisis. Somehow, they had hope and built a new software, MS-BASIC which helped them earn around $50,000.

In the year 1979, one of Multinational tech companies had offered them to built a software which was not possible because of the shortage of money and resources so it was referred to the other company, sooner they managed to buy that OS system and developed it for larger scale which was them used as the main software used in the computer when they were partners with IBM plus there were many other Microsoft products too.

Within few years, with same hard work and dedication they built the company and now he is one of the richest and the top business men all around the world. This is the success story of bill gates which we hope you found it interesting and inspirational. He had learnt many lessons throughout his life and now everyone is so inspired by him.

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