The most popular wedding shots

Weddings are the most important and the most beautiful moment that you have been waiting for till the day comes. There are so many memories that you cherish and remember that should not only be preserved in your heart but also to capture the moments for your life time. The wedding photography prices are not too high but are definitely worth going for.

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The most popular wedding shots

Bride Chilling shot

One of the trendiest wedding photography is the picture where the bride is chilling with some booze or some refreshers. A picture where the bride or a groom looks completely chilled on their wedding day with some shots or beverages and with some high attitude is one of the best wedding shot you can get.

The Mehndi Shot

Another type of idea for a creative and a popular wedding shot is a mehndi shot. These types of shots are quite popular now where they shoe the goodness of mehndi and adding some killer attitude and laughter with their family members and loved one is a great choice to add in your wedding album.

Dramatic Entries

In India having a dramatic filmy entry are very popular. Who don’t love grand entries and shooting some amazing candid moments are the best shots. The clicks may involve capturing some emotional moments, some fun moments, some crazy moments are really impressing and very memorable.

Getting ready shots

Another type trendy wedding idea that are very popular is capturing some of the most exciting and fun moments of the brides and groom as they get ready for their big day they have been waiting for. Shots of getting ready and capturing every single detail from wearing accessories till full ready shots.

Laugh shots

One of the most important type and the most cherished moments that should never be missed out are the share the laugh shots. The candid shots where the bride and groom are enjoying their happy time and sharing some beautiful laughs which are the most memorable moments to be added in their wedding album.

These are some of the best wedding shots that every wedding couple must have. The wedding photography prices for candid pictures can cost around 35,000INR and traditional photography can cost around 40,000INR but are absolutely worth investing for your bid special day to capture all the memorable and sweet memories of this big occasion.

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