Top 5 current global issues which everyone must be aware of

In this world where you can always get to here some good and happy news but at the same point of time there are many other bad things that is going on in this world which has to treated and worked upon before it is too late and destroys the calm of the mother earth.

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Top 5 current global issues which everyone must be aware of

Climate Change

One of the biggest global issues that is going to be and is a biggest problem is the climate change. If it continues in the same way then the temperature may raise to 4.8 degree Celsius due to which there may be more severe weather, increase in the spread of diseases, food scarcity, water scarcity, no resources and many other problems.


Violence is also one of the current global issues which is given much more importance than necessary. Violence is done and found in many different ways be it social, economic or cultural, the hatred can be for a particular gender, or a caste, or any other reason but this can be stopped and cured. If properly worked on it this can be reduced.

Lack of Education

Another important global issue that everyone should be worried of is the lack of education. It is said that more than 72 million children all around the world are not enrolled even for primary education. There are many organizations that have been set up to provide equal education to all the children around the world.


If there is no proper education given or there is a lack of education, lack of skills, etc. then many people especially who are searching for new jobs that is around 20 to 25 years of age, they stay unemployed or struggle to find a job due to which are not able to earn for their basic need also.


Hunger or mal nourishment is also one of the current global issues that is a serious problem which has already started, yes, there are around 795 million people who are not getting food to eat. This problem can be cured if the poverty ratio comes down, education is provided, help in building gardening skills, etc.

These are some of the most important and crucial current global issues that you must be as it is already an important issue to be handled before it gets too late.

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