Wedding destinations in Europe

Europe is the best spot if you wish for the blend of sophistication, culture and amazing landscapes for your wedding. There are endless choices if you want one as your perfect wedding destination. There are some majestic and dramatic venues across Europe which you can shortlist. There are hotels which are nestled on the winding cliffs and amazing picturesque villages and castles.

Dukes London is the spot where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. The beautiful British hotel is situated in the courtyard in St. James’s Mayfair and is also just five minutes away from Buckingham Palace. It will promise you a wedding on par with that of the royals and with all heritage benefits, it will be the best dream wedding ever.

Le Grand Luce in France can serve as a breath-taking backwater spot for your wedding. They have informal dining rooms, magnificent gardens and is the best for an unforgettable European wedding.

Villa Veneziano in Greece is a completely go to place. This is situated on hilltop and is surrounded by half an acre of beautiful gardens. You can invite plenty of guests and also explore during your off time. There are many Venetian inspired architectures which deserve to be explored and it is considered to have rich heritage. The outdoor areas have infinity pool which could be the best setting.

When you think about Switzerland, you may just think about vacations. But the most important fact is that you can also host weddings in Switzerland. You can get married in a castle in Zurich which is surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Countryside. The Dolder Grand comes with couple celebration packages where the couples can indulge in mud baths, facials and massages post wedding. You can also host a perfect reception after wedding.


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