Why is iron important for our health?

The presence of iron is the most important element of your body. It should never be underestimated and we should always ensure that there is enough of iron in our body. Lack of iron in the body might lead to unavailability of oxygen in our body and it can cause anaemia which gradually leads to death or even lead to worsening of health.

The condition occurs due to three major reasons. One is that your body is not able to make sufficient amount of red blood cells. Second reason is that if there is immense bleeding in your body, it can cause large amount of blood loss which can lead to deficiency of red blood cells. Lack of iron also causes various diseases in the body which later turns out to be incurable and you would have to suffer it lifelong.

Due to the lack of iron, the supply of oxygen reduces in the body. Oxygen is the most important and the most mandatory thing that your body requires to survive. When the iron is deficit, the amount of oxygen supply reduces to a very low level and hence the organs in your body don’t get sufficient amount of oxygen to function properly thus leading to death.

Deficiency of iron is known as anaemia and apart from that there is a condition called Aplastic Anaemia where the bone marrow of your body gets damaged and the bone marrow is something that helps in producing the red blood cells. Once the bone marrow is damaged, the red blood cells supply process faces hindrances and thus leading to the death of the person.

Cancer treatment and pregnancy can be some of the most prominent reasons for causing damage to the bone marrow. Certain infections in the body can also cause the deficiency of red blood cells ultimately leading to anaemia.

Iron is associated with proteins either through ligand binding or through a ring shaped molecule. Heme iron is found in proteins which is connected with oxygen transport. Dietary iron is made in liver and transports iron within the blood to other locations for storage. The main locations where iron is stored are liver, skeletal muscle and also some cells. Lack of iron might even lead to haemorrhage. Several serious situations might be caused if proper intake of iron is not considered. Always have foods that have lot of iron which can promise a good health.


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