Why photography is important ?

You capture your best memories in the form of photographs. In future when you miss them, you can take up those photos from some old shelf and admire those golden times. This is why photography has become an important part of our lifestyle. We wish to click ourselves when we are in our best forms, we need photos when we are with some favourite people so that when you miss them, you can simple look at those photos and photos can also become part of our portfolio if we are into fashion industry and our pictures can speak volumes.

When you are gone, only photos can replace you when your loved ones are remembering you. They will flip through the photos of the family gatherings, many family photos and several vacation memories. Sometimes we don’t meet our long lost friends for a very long time maybe after our school or college. But they always remain in our heart and also we can refresh those memories with the help of those photos.

Those old memories still exist in the form of photographs and they will always bring you that same comfort as those moments did. Our old photos will remind us about how fat or thin we were when we were in our childhood or teenage years. Years later, when you are grown up and married or a mother to two kids, you can still share those photos of your old days in social media and refresh those memories.

Photos literally matter when you are gone. When our loved one is gone, family photos become even more important and also they are the important reminders of our various stages in our life as we grow older. You can always have those authentic moments forever with you in the form of some beautiful photographs.

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