Best Food Ideas for Wedding Reception

Weddings are always incomplete without a reception and reception is a successful hit without having the variety of food items. In traditional wedding where the halwai used to take care of the whole menu is now replaced by the carters where they take care of everything from starters to deserts. Here are some of the best healthy food ideas dinner for wedding reception that you can consider to treat your guest with. Here are some of the ideas that you can add in your food menu for rection and serve your guest the best wedding food they ever had.


Starter are the first thing to start with. Adding dishes like, soups, different type of salads, Manchurian, nachos, corn, potato fires, samosa, and many other such food items according to your taste and preferences. These are considered to be on the top list of the menu for every wedding.

Main Course

Main Course also has many options that you can choose to keep in the wedding reception. Adding food items like different type of roti’s with wide variety of sabzi or curry, Rice items which are quite tummy filling like pulav or jheera rice, curd rice, etc. You can also add Dosa and idli for the main course.


Bring Indian street food to wedding reception is must, especially in the place where everyone is a chat lover. Adding pani puri, bhel puri, nipat masala, masala puri, dahi puri, bun masala and many other such items that can be one of the wedding reception food ideas.

Italian Food

Now a day, in almost all the wedding there is always a separate counter put up for all the guest who loves Italian food. Including dishes like white sauce pasta, red sauce pasta, pizza, tortillas, etc. are added in almost all the wedding menus.

Deserts/ sweets

Deserts or sweets are the must items that has to added in the menu be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is always a whole separate counter for sweets or desserts at the wedding receptions. Some of the best sweets added are jalebi, gulab jamun, rasmalai, kheer, rabdi and many more.

These are some of the healthy food ideas dinner for wedding reception that is must to add in your list of menus so that you can serve the best food for every guest visited. Keep visiting to not miss out on our next article that is coming up soon.

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