Everything is best about the Indian Cuisine!

The Indian cuisine has got so many flavours. Many food dishes are considered to be healthy and delicious at the same time. The health of the human matters the most and hence the food items in Indian cuisine have been created in such a way that each food item has its own healthy points. There are some popular Indian dishes which you should never miss in case if you are not an Indian and want to try out the Indian cuisine.

These dishes might vary widely between the north Indian and south Indian cuisine. All the dishes have their own speciality and each state in the country has their own special dish. Another great point about the Indian cuisine is that they have some common and the most unique ingredients and flavours used in the food. Chilli pepper is the most needed ingredient in the Indian food. They can be in dry form as well as in powdered form. Mustard seeds are used for adding a natural flavour in the food. They come in roasted form and is one of the most essential ingredient in Indian cooking. Cardamom is the most versatile spice which is used for sweet flavour.

Some like the flavour while some don’t prefer it. Biryani is the most exotic food item in the Indian cuisine. There are only few who dislike hogging on biryani. When you visit India, Biryani is something which you should always try out. If you are a hard-core non vegetarian, butter chicken will surely make you crave for some more. Non vegetarians have thousands of choices if they want to have something very tasty in Indian cuisine. Dal makhani is something which all the vegetarians can prepare for their daily routine dinner or lunch and have it with the rotis or chapathis. Pakora has been the favourite evening snack for all the Indians. You can have the home made pakoras along with some chutney and enjoy the rains. The Indian cuisine has never failed to impress us with its delicacies.

For the foodies, Indian foods have been providing a long term satisfaction to their taste buds with the best tasty foods. Indians are better known for the best food they cook and eat. There are so many varieties in Indian cuisine and the best part about Indian food is that different parts of the country have their own specialities and Indians never compromise anything over food.

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