FatCow Hosting Review 2022

Product Line

As mentioned in the fatcow web hosting review above, there is only the one web hosting plan. So it’s a bit of a take it or leave it situation. But that plan comes with a huge amount of features and services. Below, you’ll get a quick overview of exactly what their plan includes.

The Original FatCow Plan

The regular price is $179.40 for a year although you get discounted rates when you sign up for a multi-year contract. And they are almost always having sign up specials so you can enjoy some steep discounts for at least the first few months to a year.

As mentioned, you get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited emails. Then on top of that, you get the site builder tools, the tutorials, and access to blogs and forums for additional building support. You also get:

    • an E-store builder
    • web analytics
    • Free advertising on Google and Yahoo!
    • PCI compliance so that you can accept credit card payments
    • 24/7 customer support from the moo crew via phone or live chat

There’s still dozens of other features as well but there just isn’t enough time to go over all of them!

The Verdict

Overall, I think Fatcow is one of the best choices you could go with, especially for small business needs. You not only get a fantastic web hosting service, you also get to work with a company that has spent the last 18 years perfecting the art of cow-related puns. Who can resist the excellent customer support provided by the moo crew?

But before you make your final decision, you should be sure to check out other fatcow reviews from customers and experts alike to see what other people are saying about Fatcow’s services.

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