Inmotion Hosting Review 2022

InMotion Hosting Review – Well Worth the Higher Price!

InMotion hosting is one of the few hosting services to make it big in the highly competitive web hosting industry that is not owned by Endurance International – a company that owns some of the biggest web hosting companies on the planet.

However, some often complain about Endurance International’s aggressive strategies of offering cheap prices at the cost of performance and quality. While we think that this doesn’t seem to be the case in general, it isn’t something that can be entirely ruled out as well.

But then, does InMotion hosting has anything better to offer? Or is it just another service that’s big simply because it has been around since a long time (launched in 2001!) and has a huge amount of capital backing its large marketing campaigns?

Well, we will find out below. But before that, let us figure out what type of web hosting serviceyour website needs.

Types of Hosting Services

Let us walk you through the most common types of hosting services while helping you choose the one that fits your site’s hosting needs best.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting is basically where lots of different websites share the same server. In other words, the same server hosts all the websites, and the only resources available to all the sites on the server combined are only from one server.

Despite this limitation, shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting. And that’s because of its incredibly cheap price. Some of the cheaper shared hosting services price their plans as low as $3 to $4 per month.

However, the cheap price isn’t the only good thing about shared hosting. It’s that for most websites out there, a shared hosting service manages to serve them pretty well despite the cheap price.

That said, you do have a certain level of security risk when going with a shared hosting, due to something known as a ‘bad neighborhood’ issue. It basically means that if another site on the server your site is hosted on is hacked or gets a DDoS attack, all the sites on the server – including your site – may go down as well.

However, this is actually pretty rare, especially if you go with one of the more reliable shared hosting services like the ones we have reviewed on our blog, including InMotion Hosting.

So all in all, a shared hosting service may serve you well if you don’t have specific needs or require a very high level of security.

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