What are the earliest signs of pregnancy?

The process of pregnancy is exciting, painful and beautiful. Throughout your journey of carrying your baby for 9 months, you will have mixed feelings. The first signs of pregnancy can be a bit confusing and this article will give you an insight on how to deal with the earliest pregnancy symptoms and also the discomfort that can come along. Most of the women start noticing the early symptoms a week or two after the conception while rest of the women start facing the symptoms after four to five weeks of conception.

There are chances that some women can even feel the symptoms coming in during the eighth week of their pregnancy. First thing is first, when you start facing symptoms of pregnancy the first thing you should do is to stop fretting. There is no need to be worried or to overthink about pregnancy symptoms. It is the moment to be happy because you are on you way to bring in a new life.

Did you miss your period? Well, this is the first and the most common symptom which pregnant women notice. When you have already started your journey to motherhood, missing period can be really exciting and you would probably visit bathroom now and then to ensure this. But if you haven’t planned about being a mother, the same symptom can scare you out of hell.

 Missing period is the classic early signs of pregnancy. It happens because your egg is fertilized and your baby is on board and busy nestling into your uterine wall. If you have missed your period in any case, getting a pregnancy check done can help.

Sore breasts and darkening of areolas are also the most common symptom which happens in the early stage of pregnancy. Breasts usually become tender and swollen and this tenderness doesn’t usually go away till the baby comes out.

 Further, it turns painful and tingly sensations can irritate you and cause a sense of discomfort. This happens due to increased flow of blood to your breasts and also change in hormones. There is nothing to be worried about this factor as your body is slowly preparing itself to nourish the baby.

Total exhaustion can be the most difficult early sign of pregnancy. You might have to face it throughout your first trimester. It is due to over production of blood to carry enough nutrients for your baby too. Also, the blood sugar and blood pressure will be relatively low during your pregnancy. Hence fatigue and morning sickness are something which you need to face for 9 months.

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